Being born in the 1980s in Adelaide, Australia to a white mum and black dad, I was a bit of an exception. I was black, gay, raised in a single parent family, from a lower socio-economic background (and left-handed!) – I felt like there were so many things that made me different. That I was for all intents and purposes every minority.

As I have gotten older I’ve felt more comfortable to embrace my differences, not feel embarrassed about them or that they need to change.

But one thing that remains true throughout my years is that images, stories and representation of diversity in Australia is lacking. I will never be able to put into words how powerful and in many ways life-changing it can be to see diverse representation in this country – whether television, sport, politics or the media.

I’ve always been a big reader, so story-telling – talking about our lives and experiences – still remains to me such a powerful vehicle to provide motivation and inspiration to others in the community. That is the primary intention of this site – to provide a platform and share the lived experiences of our diverse communities.

There is a rich tapestry of diversity in Australia. So many interesting, inspiring and eclectic stories that are out there waiting to be told. This is particularly the case for culturally diverse and LGBTIQ+ community members.

I created Every Minority as a platform to share these stories. While it was initially borne with a particular focus on sharing LGBTIQ+ POC stories, it provides a platform for all types of diverse voices: to showcase their stories and experiences and support opportunities for people to grow and develop their writing. This is a project that I believe so strongly in. All costs – maintaining the site, paying writers for their work and running advertisements – are funded by me.

I understand that for some people the word ‘minority’ can be a bit contentious – that it is ‘othering’ a group of people. That’s not my intention nor why I use the word. To me, each of us have qualities that make us unique and different. We are all a minority in our own ways. That’s something to be celebrated.


Byron Adu


Instagram : @bakojo